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Wegmans Organic Farms

Generate awareness of the Wegmans’ Organic Farm located in upstate New York. While demonstrating the brand’s commitment to growing organic produce locally and making it readily available for customers in nearby stores.

Shoppers have become so inundated with “organic” product messaging that it can start to lose its significance. We sought to restore some meaning to Wegmans’ organic products by focusing on what we found matters most to their customers:

  • What goes into their food?
  • How’s it made?
  • Who made it?
  • Story behind it?  

We developed a “seasonally relevant” series of (8) short-form videos to literally show customers the source of their organic veggies while in-season & being harvested at the Wegmans farm. The videos were distributed to a targeted audience – each rolling out in the specific weeks which best aligned with peak seasonality for the crop highlighted. Targeted, timely & tasty!

Exceeded nearly all measured industry benchmarks. To date, the campaign has yielded well over 1MM completed views and provides an evergreen storytelling platform for the brand moving forward.

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