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Lifetime Assistance

Raise awareness of the Lifetime Assistance 5K race at Rochester’s International Airport to raise money and awareness of their organization.

Social increases participation, and with a limited budget, we can create a social-driven campaign to increase engagement with the brand.

JAY used printable balsa airplanes to create a contest, “1,000 Plane Giveaway” and spread the campaign message. Posters modeled after baggage claim tickets and balsa airplanes were placed all over Rochester including neighborhoods where 12 Lifetime Assistance houses are located and at Rochester’s festivals and events. A finder of a plane was directed to “Like” the Lifetime Assistance Facebook page and see if they were a winner based on a number on the plane. Non-traditional out of home installations supported the message at local retailers.

The 100% increase in Facebook followers far exceeded projected results, creating a strong marketing channel for this non-profit’s communications moving forward.

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