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How to Drive Results with Digital Video

Digital video consumption is up 13% from last year and continues to climb (IAB). Consumers are entertained by videos on a variety of channels including on-demand, mobile, blogs, YouTube and binge-enabled viewing (AdWeek). When building your content think about how to reach viewers through social media, native advertising or by publishing on blogs to leverage […]

Why Branded Video is the New Promotion

Branded video content is poised to take over all other forms of digital advertising and eclipse traditional media. Why? Because it’s authentic, it’s contextually relevant and it unlocks a connection to millennials and future audiences (AdAge). Consumers are demanding engaging user experiences and branded content videos deliver that extremely well. In order to get ahead […]

What is Beacon Technology?

Beacon Technology Beacon technology is closing gaps in the customer journey, bridging brand information to real life experience, and brands that learn to capitalize on this frontier opportunity will reap the benefits. What are they? What are beacons? They are devices that use Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby smartphones via an app. When a […]

Seize the Change

Seize the Change by Director of Strategy & Insights, Laura Nespoli Nielsen published information on today’s total audience media universe – showcasing the rise of technology and connected-TV innovations that are continuously disrupting and evolving the traditional media viewing landscape.   Nielsen highlights “boundless choice” as the implication for programmers’, advertisers’, marketers’ and agencies’ when connecting with their target […]

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