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ADDY Awards Creative Concepting

Award season is underway and it is no different here in Rochester with our local advertising community gearing up for the 2015 Advertising Awards. The event, hosted by the Rochester Advertising Federation, will be even more competitive this year with several high-profile judges, including one judge from Droga5, voted creative agency of the year by […]

Local Advertisers are Competing Using Digital. Are You?

The sophistication in digital technology and targeting has propelled digital placements into exponential growth. Increased adoption of digital tactics has forced local brands and advertisers to get in the game and compete. This infographic shows a great representation of the local ad spending over time. Let’s not forget, however, that while digital is a growing […]

#Im So Hyped For Pepsi Just Stocked Up!

As many of you know #Pepsi has named Rochester “The Most Hyped Hometown in America” and will be visiting the #Roc this Sunday the 18th! Here at #JAY we are pretty hyped ourselves and we want to show Pepsi just how hyped #Rochester is! Join us with #ImSoHypedForPepsi #ImSoHypedForPepsi Posts #ImSoHypedForPepsi I already have my […]

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