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Ferdinand Jay Smith – POST Magazine

The Big Cheese, Ferdinand Jay Smith was recognized in POST Magazine’s Issue 12 highlighting Smith’s illustrious career in advertising and entertainment. Some of the most memorable melodies of the last few decades started in his head and are now stuck in yours. You can thank Ferdinand for the goosebumps you get every time you hear […]

Corey Fountain – Born To Run

Our very own Corey Fountain was chosen to be featured in an article in Rochester’s local POST magazine titled ‘Born to Run’ by Matt Smythe. On top of being a Sr. Art Director and Print Production Manager at JAY Marketing & Communications, Corey is a very talented fine artist and handyman. If you need something […]

Being Nimble in a Changing Digital Landscape

John Trimble, the CEO of Pandora, stated this week that mobile video advertising’s optimal timing could be eight-seconds (AdWeek). The first thought might be, ‘another version to create?’ But, as advertisers and marketers, we need to be flexible. Our role allows us to be the first reactor to changes in the marketplace. The quick response […]

How to Drive Results with Digital Video

Digital video consumption is up 13% from last year and continues to climb (IAB). Consumers are entertained by videos on a variety of channels including on-demand, mobile, blogs, YouTube and binge-enabled viewing (AdWeek). When building your content think about how to reach viewers through social media, native advertising or by publishing on blogs to leverage […]

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