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What is Beacon Technology?

Beacon Technology Beacon technology is closing gaps in the customer journey, bridging brand information to real life experience, and brands that learn to capitalize on this frontier opportunity will reap the benefits. What are they? What are beacons? They are devices that use Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby smartphones via an app. When a […]

Seize the Change

Seize the Change by Director of Strategy & Insights, Laura Nespoli Nielsen published information on today’s total audience media universe – showcasing the rise of technology and connected-TV innovations that are continuously disrupting and evolving the traditional media viewing landscape.   Nielsen highlights “boundless choice” as the implication for programmers’, advertisers’, marketers’ and agencies’ when connecting with their target […]

The Birth of Award-winning Ideas

On Friday March 13, 2015, the Rochester advertising community convened to celebrate the breadth of local creative produced in 2014. Over here at JAY, we’re particularly proud of the hard work our team put into producing the 2015 ADDYs event, in collaboration with the Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF). Each year the Best of Show winner […]

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid digital media that functions similarly to editorial content. A native ad integrates more organically with the design of the host website. The ad’s function is to provide relevant, value added information, similar to a site’s natural content. Simply put, native advertising is paid content – infographics, articles and […]

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